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Bazaar Source Control: subvertpy.tmp and the access is denied error

Posted by Kash Farooq on October 12, 2009

Update: I’ve just installed Bazaar version 2.0.2-1 and this error didn’t occur.

When creating a Bazaar branch from a Subversion repository, part way through the file transfer, I’d often get an error like the following:

bzr: ERROR: [Errno 5] Can't open 'C:\DOCUME~1\MyUsername\LOCALS~1\Temp\subvertpy.tmp': Access is denied.

The only fix I could find was to delete the partially downloaded branch and try again. This becomes very tedious if you get the same error several times…

I have finally figured out what is happening. It is my virus checker.
I haven’t looked at the code for the Bazaar svn plugin, but I assume the plugin is trying to delete (or get an exclusive lock on) the subvertpy.tmp temporary file whilst the virus checker is trying to scan it.

So, the fix is to simply add this file to your virus checker exclude list.

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